Partial Metal Dentures

Partial Metal Dentures

Another option of partial dentures is to use a metal frame with acrylic teeth and gums. The frame also includes metal or plastic clasps or similar attachments that hold the denture in place.

These are more expensive than partial acrylic dentures however much more affordable than implants retain overdentures. The advantage of metal dentures is that they are slimmer, stronger, and generally more long-lasting. You cannot see or feel the metal base.


Metal dentures are the combination of acrylic resin and cobalt chrome frame and choice of metal clasps or tooth color clasp for a more aesthetic look.

This type of denture does not cover the entire palate and is smaller letting the wearer speak as normal and savor the goodness of food. They are also highly durable and strong and do not fracture easily compared to the alternatives. The biggest advantage of this type of denture is that because of their special design it minimizes pressure on the gums preventing periodontal damage.