Denture Repairs

Denture breakage can occur for many different reasons including age, dropping or damage from a pet, however the most common reason is an ill-fitting denture.

In most cases we can restore a broken or cracked denture to its original state and depending on the work required can be done immediately.

However in some cases if your denture needs a repair it may suggest an underlying problem including aging of the denture, worn teeth or poor fit. We can explain how to minimise the risk of breakage and with our onsite laboratory we can usually repair the denture on the same day and occasionally even while you wait. You should never attempt to repair a denture yourself as you will probably cause further damage and make the denture completely unusable.

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- Sarah O’Connor

I am so happy with my dentures! Ania made a mold from my own teeth so it looks as though I have had my teeth straightened and whitened. So natural looking!

- Daphne Ong

Anna has been providing dentures for my patients for years now and has always done an excellent job. Her service is very professional and reliable. Highly recommended!

- John Ethan

I would like to use the word “professional”, but they exceed far more than that! Waverley Denture Clinic not only assist with denture-related concerns but really understand their clients well.

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